age: 10 months
sex: male
good with:
dogs: yes
cats: unknown
kids: yes
adoption fee: $400
foster location: Rochester, NY

Bullet was on the list of dogs to be euthanized in an overcrowded shelter in Texas.

ABC made the call the day before to say we’d take him and save his life. The next morning, he got very sick and went to the emergency vet where he was diagnosed with parvo. After a short stay at the vet’s office,  he was on his way to New York!

Bullet is more beagle than basset, weighing in at only 25lbs. Since he came from Texas, he’s not a fan of the snow! Foster is working on housebreaking and he will be neutered soon. He’s very spunky and loves to run around and play with the other dogs in the house.

A veterinarian reference check is required as part of the approval process.

The veterinarian check will include verifying the applicant’s past/present dog(s) is/are altered (spayed/neutered), current on vaccines (not just Rabies), tested negative for Heartworm & on monthly preventatives.

Meet & greets are only scheduled for approved applicants.



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