Bruno & Dodge BONDED Pair


age: 1 year 6 months
good with
dogs: yes
cats: unknown
kids: unknown
adoption fee:
Bruno & Dodge have arrived from Kentucky & are in their Oneida, NY foster home!

A short time after their arrival, their foster has noticed they are relatively bonded.

They’re super sweet, friendly, and love giving kisses!

Their foster said that besides being SUPER adorable, the boys are the most loving little creatures ever! They love to give kisses and snuggle! They’re absolutely full of energy, like the energizer bunny couldn’t keep up with them! They love the dog yard being able to run around like mad men and wrestle with my other dogs (who they all get along with great). I haven’t had a problem with food aggression but had an issue over a high value treat. So, I removed it.They’re crate trained and appear to be house trained as far as I can tell so far. They are working on basic commands and manners! They slept in the crate all night and didn’t make a peep!
They do appear to be pretty bonded. They nap next to each other and everything.

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