About Bowzer

age: 1 year 6 months
good with:
dogs: yes
cats: yes
kids: yes
adoption fee: $325

Bowzer is a 1 year and 6 month old male, neutered basset hound. He was born on 5/21/18. Bowzer is from a puppy mill release and requires at least one other submissive dog in the home and a physically fenced in yard. Bowzer will go to the door to alert that he has to go outside, but does not bark or whine. Bowzer is crate trained. Bowzer is not being fostered with children, but has been around a 10 year old child. He was very inquisitive and followed her around. We feel that Bowzer would do well in a home without smaller children, as he would love the attention from calmer older children. Bowzer has come out of his shell more. He is now being crated at night as he will move the gates and get into mischief if not. Bowzer is acting like the typical puppy and will chew things that he isn’t meant to. He is food motivated and will now sit for a treat. Bowzer is a real sweetheart and is actually a calm dog. He is easily distracted when going for a walk, but will follow another dog being walked at the same time. Otherwise, Bowzer will not go for a walk. Bowzer always has his K9 sibling, Toby, by his side. He has had his ears cleaned and was good with that. He loves water bottles. Bowzer is very long and thin right now. He has nice long ears and beautiful markings. When he is more comfortable with humans, he will need some training. Bowzer can be shy and uncertain of new people. Adopter will need to be patient and willing to continue on with Bowzer’s training.All basset hound/dogs are up to date on vaccinations, altered, and placed on heart worm preventative prior to being adopted.

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