Blue Lady – ADOPTED

name: Blue Lady
age: 3 years
good with dogs: yes!
cats: reportedly, yes
kids: yes but prefers older
adoption fee: $300

Blue Lady, a puppy mill release mama, was welcomed into rescue mid-March. She is currently being fostered in Oswego, NY.

After she was on the run for a couple of days & humanely captured, we discovered Blue Lady was expecting her very last litter of puppies in May!

All of her puppies have found homes!

Blue Lady has been spayed & will be able to go home once she no longer has stitches or up to 14 days after her surgery.

We are now accepting applications for her.

*Blue Lady’s adopter will need to have a physically secured fenced yard, another dog & a good veterinarian reference. We will not make any exceptions to these requirements.

She has been running around & playing with the other dogs, learned to use the doggy dog & is more relaxed around men but still doesn’t fully trust them. She will need time & patience to be accepting of any new men in her life.

*If you meet the requirements & would like to be considered for Blue
Lady’s adoption, please submit an application:

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