Blue Lady (Updated)

name: Blue Lady
age: 3 years
good with
dogs: yes
cats: reportedly, yes
kids: yes but older
adoption fee: $300

Blue Lady, 3 years old, is being fostered in Oswego, NY.

She is expecting her very last litter of pups! Blue Lady will not be available to go home until after her pups no longer depend on her. And, she will need to be spayed & can go home when she no longer has stitches.

Blue Lady’s approved applicant will need a secured physically fenced yard, another dog, a veterinarian reference & no young children.

She has been running around & playing with the other dogs, learned to use the doggy dog & is more relaxed around men.

*We are currently not accepting applications for her or her puppies so check back for updates.

Due to Covid, we are only processing New York applications.

Please consider making a donation towards our veterinary expenses:

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