Bella (Updated)

name: Bella
age: 6 years old
good with dogs: no
cats: yes
kids: yes
adoption fee: $275

Updated 3/2: Bella will be spayed March 18th & can go home once her stitches come out.
She wants to have all the attention for herself & prefers to be the only dog in the home. Bella shows interest in other dogs while out walking.
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Hi, my name is Bella. I am as beautiful as my name. Don’t you think? My foster mother says I am as beautiful on the inside as I am on the outside. I am a sweet and loving girl. I like everyone I meet and will give kisses to thank you for petting me. I love when my foster mom scratches me behind my ears or on my chest. My favorite thing is to snuggle on the couch. I hope you have a big couch because I take up a lot of room. Sometimes, I will make room for you by sleeping on top of the back cushions behind you. I learned this trick from the cat I live with.

I pretty much ignore the cat and let her take the lead in how we will get along. It is okay if she drinks water out of my dish. We sit very close in the kitchen when it is time to eat or get a treat. The cat goes to her room to eat because she likes to save some for later. It’s not my style to save some for later!

I do not live with children but I help my foster mom care for her two-year-old granddaughter once a week. That little girl never stops moving or squealing! She pulled on my ears, which I did not like, but I just yelped and moved backwards. My foster mom and her granddaughter like to “let’s play”. They toss a squeaky ball and call me to chase it with them or tap me with a stuffed toy on my nose. One day, to make them happy, I took the stuffed toy and then I dropped it. I really don’t know why they make such a fuss.

My favorite thing in the world is to take walks. My foster mom says I would walk forever and is pleased I am a quiet walker. I am learning to walk without pulling. When I see another dog or people on my sidewalk, I want to go over and say hello, then I pull hard. I am learning the command “stop”, especially important before we cross a street.

Spring is coming and I want to be outside. I am keeping the rabbits away by chasing any invader. I am in full patrol mode in my yard and bark at any passerby. I have a big, beautiful basset bark. I use it when someone knocks on the door or when I am excited. I respond well to the “quiet” command in the car and in the house. When my foster mom is in the yard next to me saying “quiet”, I try to stop barking but it is a struggle.

I am an anxious girl. I do not like to be separated from my foster mom. When she leaves, I bark for a bit and then whistle-whine until she comes home. I sound like a bird. I have days when I am stressed and I will whine then too. My stress whining makes it hard for people to figure out what I really want. It is hard to tell if I am upset, hungry or need to go out. If you can’t figure it out, I will eventually bark at you when I need to go out. Routine and regular walks help keep me relaxed. My foster mom says I am a “delicate flower”. When I am stressed, my stomach is too and I may skip a meal or eat just a tiny bit. I am supposed to eat twice a day but if I am having a rough time, my foster mom gives me a tiny extra meal to make up for what I didn’t eat earlier.

Enough about me! How about you? Do you have a fairly regular schedule? Can you continue my foster mom’s work to help me understand you love me and will always come home? Do you like to take walks? I am looking for my forever home, could it be yours?

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