Basset Goes from Breeding Machine to Boat Captain

Floppy, a 10 year old female basset, was of no use to her owner anymore when she couldn’t produce another litter. Floppy was then listed for sale on Facebook to try to make a final few bucks off of her. A concerned basset lover convinced the owner to let her have her. When she went to pick her up, she found all of the dogs living in deplorable conditions. Floppy lived outside in a plastic dog house.  She was missing hair due to a severe flea infestation. She had a blazing eye infection and overgrown nails.

Our friends at Basset Hound Rescue of Kentuckiana cared for her until our ABC Basset Hound Rescue van could get to Indiana to pick her up. Floppy was spayed, vaccinated for rabies & distemper, and heartworm tested. She also had multiple flea baths and was treated for her eye infection.

ABC Volunteer, Linda L, contacted ABC Basset Hound Rescue about a senior they saw on another basset rescue’s website. That’s when we told her to take a look at Floppy…and it was love at first sight!

This summer, Floppy…now Lacey, is enjoying her time on her boat on the lake with her new mom & dad.

Floppy is just one of 75 lucky dogs ABC Basset Hound Rescue has saved this year so far. Please consider donating so we can continue saving dogs like Floppy who went from breeding machine to boat captain!

Live, Love, Rescue!

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