Basset George Calls 999 in UK

George is a 2-year old Basset Hound who got into trouble while alone in the house in West Yorkshire, UK.  He tried to eat the telephone cord and started choking on it.  Somehow he managed to dial – check out the phone they have, it’s a rotary phone – 999 (emergency in the UK) and the police just heard the sounds of choking so they hurried over to the address, broke down the door and rescued George.  His folks said they were surprised he managed to dial 999 since he’s not that bright and usually just likes to eat socks.  At least we know George is smarter than your average bear, anyway he is really handsome.  Stay away from phone cords George!

Here is a link to the story in the UK “Sun” by Alastair Taylor (Mar 30th) Choking Basset Calls 999.  Just amazing what Bassets can do when they really want to.

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