Basset Couch Mania

The Southern transport arrived safely in NY last night.  Here are Lizzie and Bernie (left on the couch) in their temporary home of Jennifer Carmichael Fruehauf until the Spring Basset Blast on April 28.  Jennifer also is fostering Scarlett and Snickers (the two beautiful girls in the middle) until they are all well and ready to go on to their new forever home and beautiful Lady, on the right, the resident Queen of the house.  Lady is very gracious to share her couch space with her guests.  What a great picture!

Theresa and John Morrison are giving Claude a temporary home until the Blast takes place.  He shares the couch with Cooper, who the Morrison’s adopted from ABC.

Thank you all for sharing these pictures and for giving Claude, Bernie and Lizzie a temporary place to stay until they go on to their forever homes!

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