Austin Update – 1 Month Anniversary

Austin Brown celebrated his one month anniversary in his new home with Tracey and Kevin on June 6th.  He is growing by leaps and bounds in trust and confidence  Here is Tracey Woodruff Brown’s update on Austin’s progress from puppy mill to King of the house!  We are so happy to see his amazing progress with the wonderful guidance of his new Mom and Dad.  Many thanks to Tracey and Kevin for sharing this great update and video with us.

“This morning Austin finally let loose and ran around the backyard as fast as he could run. He was obviously very impressed with himself because he then rolled around on the ground. In the process, he rolled in the berries from the Mulberry tree and dyed himself purple. I now have a very happy purple basset.

When we came inside, I laid on the floor in the living room and he stood next to me. I started petting him and, after about ten minutes, he very tentatively sat down. I kept petting him and, after about another ten minutes, he laid down next to me. I kept petting him and he finally rested his chin on his sister’s (rather large) basset butt. In a few minutes, he was asleep and snoring. This is the very first time he has fallen asleep in another room – very far away from the “dog bed of safety”. (Don’t worry buddy – the pack has got you. In this case, mommy literally had your back. Your sister had your front. It was a fantastic “Austin sandwich” and nothing was going to hurt you.) He woke up after a while and seemed surprised and happy that I was STILL petting him so he let me rub his tummy and fell back to sleep. Austin now can freely move in the backyard, the TV room, the living room, and the office without fear. Next stop –the kitchen. Who knows…Austin may conquer the whole world…one room at a time!”

Video of the amazing Austin conquering the kitchen.

“Later in the day, we went back outside to play more. As I weeded, he followed me all around the yard. In fact, I had to very careful that I didn’t step backward and step on him. I have a shadow! In one month, I have gone from ‘Mommy Monster’ to ‘Best Mommy Ever’! As I type this he is the OFFICE standing next to the chair DEMANDING to be pet, so I guess I better go…:)”

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