ABC’s 2012 Rescued Alumni

Daisy’s 1st Christmas in NY!  She had a howling good time.
2012 was a wonderful year for the homeless hounds that ABC took in.  Sommer Slavin and Andrea Beabes worked tirelessly as ABC’s intake and foster coordinators to rescue 116 hounds into foster homes and ABC held five very successful adoption events.  Sommer is now stepping down from this position and we would just like to say congratulations to both ladies on a job well done!  We all know how challenging this job is and how hard they both worked.  Coordinating all those out of state transports was a huge endeavor and very successful.  Sommer put together this great album of dogs rescued in 2012 Sommer Slavin’s 2012 Rescued Photo Album.  This album is truly a testament to the commitment and passion of ABC’s volunteers and the special dogs ABC has rescued, hard work in such a tough economic year.  The hounds, along with all of us, thank you.

We would like to welcome our new Intake Coordinator, John Morrison.  John acted as DJ at Drool Fest in Albany in October.  John’s wife, Theresa, is ABC’s Volunteer Coordinator.  Thank you John for taking over this important position and we wish you great success in 2013!

Many thanks also to everyone that worked so hard to help ABC transport, place, and adopt out these wonderful dogs!  These lucky Bassets will truly have a wonderful New Year due to all of your hard work.

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

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