ABC Rescues Rock Agility Trials

The Lucas and Gordon’s ABC rescue bassets have been tearing it up at AKC agility trials.  ABC Rescue is so proud of their superstar alumni!  You are all shining examples of what rescued dogs can do.

Yesterday (6/24/12), despite the heat, Hobbes earned his 7th MXP legs (Master Agility Preferred title), and 12 points towards his PACH (Preferred Agility Champion title.)  Those require 10 qualifying scores in AKC’s Excellent B classes.  Hobbes has only been participating in Agility since January.  Since then, he’s earned his NAP, NJP, OJP, OAP, AXP and AJP titles.  He has 4 QQ’s and over 100 points towards his PACH title, needs 3 legs for his MXP (Master Agility Preferred title) and 2 for his MJP (Masters Jumper Preferred) title. Even more exciting, he’s cemented his standing as the #2 basset in AKC Agility in the country, and is qualified for the 2012 AKC Agility Invitational in FL in December.  Only the top five of each breed are invited!

Hobbes has achieved all of this before his fourth Birthday!  He is the Lucas’ agility superstar – affectionately known as the “Girasset” – basset/giraffe since, as Lisa says, “he’s a wee bit on the leggy side.”  At only seven weeks old, Hobbes (originally named Oliver) was part of a cruelty case, and was rescued with 4 females and 14 puppies.  He was adopted out, but just one month later, his adoptive family tried to sell him
on Craigslist.  Lisa convinced them to return him to Lollypop Farms to evaluate him for ABC rescue.  The Lucas’ had just lost their 1.5 year old ‘Z’, suddenly and unexpectedly, and were still grieving.  Although Lisa had no intention of adding another dog to the Lucas clan, Hobbes wound up going home with her the day he was returned.  Oliver was renamed ‘Hobbes’ after the tiger in ‘Calvin and Hobbes’.  His official name for AKC agility is Lucas’s Living on the Edge AXP, AJP, CTL1, CTL2, CTL3-H, CTL3-R, CTL3-F, L1T-PLT (all agility titles.)  Thanks so much to Lisa and her family for rescuing the wonderful Hobbes.

The Lucas’ also have another superstar in their family – Princess is the #1 Basset Hound in AKC Agility trials in the country (see blog post dated 1/31/2012)!  Princess is also an ABC rescue dog and is officially known as CT-ATCH Lucas’s Definitely a Diva PAX MXP3 MJP4 NFP NA NAJ
NF NAC TG-N NJC TExST – HIT Hound 2009 CPE Nationals, 2011 AKC Agility
Invitational Qualifier.

In addition, the Lucas’ family is rounded out with C-ATCH3 CT-ATCH Buford (Basset) CGC RE BN NAJ AXP AJP OFP NJC S-TN-N O-NAC
O-TG-N ChWC ChCL ChST ChFH ChSN ChJP ChJU TChWC TChFH TChCL TChJU and Alkemi Austin Healey ST (Austin-Swedish Vallhund) CL1-R CL1-F CL1-H.  Recently Lisa adopted Bosley, an ABC rescue who she has also started training for Agility – Lucas’s Back from the Brink (Bosley-Basset).  What an amazing and talented family!  Lisa should write a book about the lives of her ‘superstars’ although I’m not sure how she’d find the time.

Congratulations to Lisa, Hobbes, Princess, Buford and Austin!  And good luck to Bosley who has some big shoes to fill.  We will be rooting for you at the AKC Agility trials in FL.  Let us know when and where so we can keep in touch!

ABC has another rising star in the AKC Agility trials – Diesel Gustav Gordon, Shelly and Don’s superstar agility rescue.  (See blog post from 1/31/2012 to read about Shelly and Diesel’s Agility career.)  Diesel has achieved his first AKC Agility Title (NJP) in a perfect novice standard run in 14 seconds under time. 

Spanky got a chance to meet Diesel at the Basset Blast and was very inspired to walk a little bit faster.  He was happy to note that Diesel hasn’t let stardom go to his head – he is still a really great, down-to-earth, all around guy.

Congratulations to Don and Shelly and Diesel!  We look forward to many more successful runs and giving Hobbes a run for his money.

Many thanks to Lisa Lucas and Shelly Gordon for all of the information, pictures and video!

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