ABC Celebrates Adoption #800 – Flash!

Flash was estimated to be about 3 years old when he was found out in the country wandering on his own.  He was most likely dumped to fend for himself.  Theresa and John Morrison took Flash into their home – the upteenth foster to be adopted from their foster home!  They said he was in need of a good cleaning and he seemed to know it because he never moved for his bath and body massage.  They describe Flash as having a wonderful temperament with his tail always wagging.  He loves people and attention and is a very affectionate (and handsome) hound.

Flash was adopted into the wonderful home of Eric Domalewicz and Rebecca Walsh Domalewicz and has a new beautiful sister – Aven.  We are sure that John and Theresa will miss this handsome hound but they were thrilled to deliver him into the waiting arms of his new forever home.
Flash is adoption #800 for ABC!  Congratulations ABC on helping so many homeless hounds into loving forever homes.   Now what does Flash and his new forever home win!!??
Eric, Flash’s new Dad, posted the following comment when they got settled at home, “Flash is getting groomed and Aven went with him. You would think the two have been together forever. Flash is already in training with Dad. We walked to the car off leash and we have almost mastered waiting for treats. I told you I’m the dog whisper! Lol Becki said I missed my calling.”  (Umm…Eric, can you give us tips on this waiting for treats business…pleaseeee!)
Thanks so much to Eric and Becki for opening their hearts and home to Flash – he looks like he’s always been with you all.  Congratulations to Flash and his new family and to all of ABC’s wonderful volunteers for being such angels to these beautiful hounds!
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