ABC Adoptions and Foster Failures!

So many of ABC’s homeless hounds have found their perfect forever families recently that we think Adoption Coordinator Laura Johnson deserves a gold star! Actually a new Mercedes would probably be in order but since Laura would just give it to the hounds anyway we are sure she would be happy with a gold star!

Annie and Dex have been adopted together by a newlywed couple and will travel to their forever home this weekend! Congratulations to the new couple and thank you for providing Annie and Dex with their forever home. Thanks especially for allowing these two to remain together. They will fill your new home with love, joy, and laughter and be as devoted to you both as they are to each other.

Congratulations to Tobey on finding the perfect family.  Tobey is headed to his new home in Massachusetts to live with his new BFF.  Take good care of your new family beautiful boy.  They are so lucky to be adding this handsome gentleman to their family.  We wish you and your new family many happy, healthy years to enjoy.  Thank you for making Tobey’s dreams come true.

Wonderful Penn is being adopted to his former foster home, Katie Perry!  Penn was adopted and returned (through no fault of his own.)  He was then fostered by the Morrison’s but Katie missed him too much and wanted him back.  So, this counts as another of ABC’s foster failures – it’s just so hard to let them go!  Penn is Katie’s Birthday present this year.  Congratulations to Penn and Happy Birthday Katie!  Is that a perfect present or what?!

Neda and her Mom foster failed with Fenway!  (Seems like an epidemic of foster fails this year for ABC.)  Named sexiest hound of the year, Fenway’s foster family fell in love with him and have now become his forever home.  Congratulations to Fenway and thanks to his foster home for making this handsome guy a permanent member of your family.  We wish you all a wonderful life together!

It’s just amazing how ABC and the Universe work together for these Bassets to find them their perfect families in NY.  We are thrilled that this wonderful group of hounds are now permanent members of loving homes!

Congratulations to all.  Many thanks to ABC, the foster homes and to Laura!

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