A special adoptable girl

June 6th was a great day for ABC. You all know that was the day of our Waddle, which had a great turnout! But it was also special for another reason.
A few weeks earlier, Crinkles was turned into ABC because her owners were getting a divorce…and because she was pregnant! The day of the Waddle, Crinkles gave birth to a beautiful litter of 8 pure bred hounds. Here they are at dinner time, just a few days old.
This is Crinkle’s first born, a beautiful female lemon.
Here are two of the boys. Who can resist the brown brows above the eyes on these two?
The 8 pups have all made it to there forever homes in the past couple of weeks, but 7 year old Crinkles is still looking for her forever home. Could you welcome her into her home for a bit relaxation? After 8 puppies, she needs a LONG vacation. If you are interested, click here.
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