2009 Waddle Recap

June 6th was ABC’s 2009 “There’s No Place Like a Forever Home” Waddle and it was a success! Over 200 people and 220 basset hounds came to waddle down Main St, Chittenango. The weather was perfect, 3 bassets were adopted, several new foster homes came on board, and we raised a ton of money to continue helping homeless hounds!
The Royal Court was crowned. Congratulations to Princess Maggie Mae Burlew a former BHRG basset, Prince Potsie of the Happy Days Crew, Queen Eeyore Gordon and King Barney McGivern one of the Arkansas 11 puppy mill dogs!
Of all the howlers present, best howl went to Duke Gordon!
Quite a few hounds were in costume, but the best were Benny the Scarecrow, Sophie as Dorothy, and Leo as the Yellow Brick Road.
Record breaking sales at the Slobber Shoppe!
And of course, hundreds of bassets marching in a parade.
Including a few that barely finished the race!
And three hounds found their Forever Homes at the waddle!
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SAVE THE DATE: The 2010 There’s No Place Like a Forever Home Waddle will be on June 5th.
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