Name: Rita
Age: 7 yr. 6 mo.
Gender: Female
Number: 17-20
Good with Kids: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Adoption Fee: $225

Rita is from a puppy mill in Missouri. She was sold at auction to the highest bidder. Luckily, she was then turned over to ABC.

Rita is fully house trained with the exception of being startled she will piddle a bit if frightened. She enjoys having a dog bed to relax in. She has become quite the chewer so would have plenty of toys for her to chew on. She is pretty good on a leash. She has a harness she will come with but as she gains some weight will likely require a larger one. She is great with other dogs. Initially she would not approach people. She now readily does that but is still quite shy so sudden movements make her nervous. However, she is good even with toddlers. She is very submissive. She rarely barks and will come crate trained but to be honest, she is not a fan of the crate.

She is not very food motivated so training her otherwise has been a bit of a challenge. She knows “lie down” so on the rarity she wants to wake up at 4 or 5am you can prompt her with “go lay down” and she will lay back down on her dog bed until around 7am. She knows “go outside” to mean time to use the bathroom. Working on “go upstairs” to mean bedtime. Also working on “drop it” when she is chewing something she should not be. She was not a huge fan of having her nails cut but did allow the tech to cut them. Was not aggressive or pulling but was afraid.

Rita loves to play outdoors. You will find her running and exploring. Due to her being from a puppy mill, we would require a fenced in yard and we’d prefer another canine companion for her.