Name: Penny
Age: 6 yr. 0 mo.
Gender: Female
Number: 15-10b
Good with Kids: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Adoption Fee: $225

Update 9/1/16: Penny is slowly coming out of her shell.   She has benefitted greatly from her foster mom being home more in the summer months and is gaining the courage to come out and explore her surroundings. She will now take treats from foster mom’s hand, especially American cheese.  She also appreciates the company of the other dog in the foster home greatly, and will whine for her if she is not in the same room when we leave the house.  Sadly, foster mom is a teacher and must go back to working a full week, so Penny is still looking for the perfect home.  She would do better in a home where there is someone home most of the time (especially during thunderstorms! ) and needs another dog to help her feel secure.  Is there someone out there with plenty of time, patience and love for this sweet girl?

4/1/16: Penny  is a beautiful, petite girl who has had a tragic first 6 years in life and needs a very special adopter willing to take on the challenge of rehabilitating a puppy mill dog.  Penny is very fearful of just about everything, from the leash to the sound of a food dish to the great outdoors.  She must have come from the very worst kind of puppy mill, the kind where the only human interaction was that of rough handling.  It will take much patience and TLC for her to overcome this, but it IS possible.  While in foster care, Penny is starting to respond by coming out of her safe place for short explorations around the house when all is very quiet.  She is beginning to pick up her head and perk up her ears at times when we walk by her room and seems to know that it is better to try to hold it and go outside even though she is terrified once she gets out there.  Penny has great potential, but may never be a snuggly dog.  She is in need of someone who has the time and energy to bring her to the best she can be, and let her live out her life in peace.  Penny will do best in a quiet home with another dog who can show her the ropes and help her to feel safe.  Please contact our adoption coordinator if you think you may be that special person for Penny.