Name: Margy
Age: 4 yr. 0 mo.
Gender: Female
Number: 17-64
Good with Kids: Yes-older
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Adoption Fee: $225

Margy came up from a puppy miller in Ohio. She was used for breeding a “designer breed” called a “Bullet”. A “Bullet” is a basset hound/bull dog mix. When the “Bullet” puppies lost their appeal, Margy was no longer needed.

Margy is slowly coming out of her shell but she may always be somewhat reserved, she likes affection and being petted, enjoys a good rub down but she may never ask for it. Margy needs to be met at her emotional level and be able to progress at her pace. The more you accept her and encourage her with consistent love, praise and gentle touches the quicker she seems to trust and move forward.    
Margy needs a patient and loving human(s), she needs to feel safe and she needs time to blossom. She is very stable but was never socialized for the first four years of her life so everything is new to her. She is a gentle, sweet soul, we have not seen anything aggressive about her.
In one week, we have seen Margy adapting well to our home life but she is still a work in progress.  A routine schedule has been key in helping her through the process.  Within this past week, we have seen her start trusting us and she is slowly but surely getting more relaxed and comfortable. She can be startled at unexpected noises but recovers quickly. We are seeing progress as she is exposed to daily home life.
At this time, she doesn’t ask to be let out, I believe that is a foreign concept to her, but because we have created a routine schedule for her we have had no accidents in the house.
Margy is a good walker but will do the stubborn basset stop and won’t budge.  Due to her pensive nature, she will need to be picked up at times, so the new adopter needs to be able to bend over and lift at least 30 pounds.
She is good in the car but again needs to be picked up and placed in and out of the car, she likes car rides but is not jumping in and out of a car at this time.
We are using a crate with her during the day while we are at work and at night she sleeps in a crate in our bedroom.  She feels very safe in there.
She gets along well with other dogs and I feel she would thrive in a home where there is another stable dog or dog(s). We suspect she would be neutral with cats. 
At this time, we are inclined to say she would be indifferent to kids (toddlers could be way too much for her).  Children in the home would need to respect her and give her space, I don’t feel she would be aggressive but loud, obnoxious behavior from a child could trigger her to run and hide.
Margy is a work in progress, a diamond in the rough.  We see a lot of potential for a good family companion. She is a gentle soul who deserves a home that will accept her for who she is.