Name: Holly
Age: 12 yr.
Gender: Female
Number: 12-54
Status: Hospice

Holly is a 12 yr old female that came up from Texas. She was used as a breeding dog. When ABC got her, she was full of fleas and worms. She is heartworm positive, has yeast infections in both ears, all over her body, and several rotten teeth.

When taken to the vet to have an x-ray done to start her heartworm treatment, it was discovered she had an enlarged liver and full of cancer. The vet has given her about 6 months to live. She has been given medication to ease her itching and UTI.

Holly’s foster mom & dad will keep her happy and comfortable for her remaining days.

If you can’t adopt or foster right now, you can still help a homeless basset in need by being a Virtual Foster Home

Sponsor: Elisa Skop, Carmel, NY
Dedicated to: Sunshine
May 13, 2014

My virtual foster dad is Jessica Wisniewski  from West Caldwell, NJ

My virtual foster dad is Matthew Plizga, Buffalo, NY

My virtual foster mom is Lisa Cohen, Denver, CO

My virtual foster mom is Sarah Hoke, Ronceverte, WV

My virtual foster mom is Joanne Rogers, Middletown, RI

My virtual foster mom is Kathy Audinet, Frankenmuth, MI

My virtual foster mom is Heidi Potter, Syracuse, NY

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