Name: Frank
Age: 7 yr. 0 mo.
Gender: Male
Number: 17-30
Good with Kids: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Adoption Fee: $225

Frank lived in Missouri with a family that was unable to treat his eyes. He had been going blind in the one eye for quite some time an left it untreated. When the family moved to a new home and Frank fell down the stairs, they knew they had to do something. So, they surrendered him. ABC took him in and had his one eye removed. Unfortunately, there is not much, if any, vision in his remaining eye. But that doesn’t slow him down!

Frank is good with adult cats but is overly obsessed with kittens and young cats. He tries to put them in his mouth and constantly looks for them. He barely acknowledges her older adult cats.

He Loves going for car rides and will lay on the back seat happy as can be and will ride all day if you let him. He attaches to one person and does howl when people leaves, but not for long so just a slight separation anxiety.

He does well with the other dogs in the house. He pretty much does not both with them at all and the girls grumble at him a bit, but he just walks away from them. He is Not food aggressive and they all eat in the same room with no issues.

Frank has adapted VERY well for being blind, took him less than 24 hours to realize where the door was to go outside. He Will bark to be let out and has had no accidents thus far.

Frank’s foster mom took him to work with her a couple of times and she works with the disabled and mentally disabled and he was great. He was not bothered by the wheel chairs or equipment present. One patient pulled his ear and he yelped, but did not snap or anything just walked away from her. He is Very tolerant so we would imagine he would be good with kids too. If there are multiple people living in the home he will attach himself to one of them and then will follow them everywhere including the bathroom and will sleep with them. Initially he will sleep at their feet, but the more comfortable he becomes the closer to the person and further up in the bed he will move to be close. Frank Is a little apprehensive when he meets men, not aggressive, but grumbles a bit but does not take him long to relax with men once he has met them.

Frank walks very well on leash and is great on outings. He will walk every where with you and is just as happy laying at your feet if you are not walking around while out. He does have a habit of bumping in to you a few times when he meets you as a sort of greeting type thing, but this may stem from his blindness. He knows his name (sometimes you may need to clap to get his attention), but over all he answers when called and knows “sit”. He has adapted well and does fabulous on the stairs. You barely would realize he is blind the way he navigates the steps. He will growl at smaller yippy yappy dogs so may be best suited in a home with dogs more his size. He is a well mannered over all good dog.

In true basset form, Frank countersurfs. His future family will just have to be on the look out for this and keep things pushed back on the counter. Frank doesn’t let having just one eye slow him down. Frank is looking for his forever family and someone to show him all of the love that he deserves.